The first thrust of God

The first thrust of God

  • The first thrust of God

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  • 发行日期:3 Jan, 2018
  • 开发商:Apillo
  • 发行商:Apillo
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In 1687, Isaac Newton published the law of universal gravitation in the mathematical principle of natural philosophy.
Later, Isaac Newton on why planets revolve around the sun, because of God, is also thinking about the origin of the universe, that in addition to the effect of gravitation, and a tangential force, the tangential force is only the first driving force from god.
Now, you are God, and you bring the first thrust of God.
We used advanced AI system, combined with Newton's law of gravitation, recorded the location of objects in real time, and gave these big data to AI for deep learning, so as to calculate the real-time orbit of objects. All of this has been fully optimized, fluent and accurate.
The game screen is very delicate, with majestic atmosphere of music, make you immersed.
You need to control your aircraft and collect two boxes in the game. You need to judge the magnitude of gravity, through the transmission of the orbit. Finally landing on the designated platform, remember that you can't land faster than the maximum landing speed of the aircraft. Here, we hope that you can learn the relevant knowledge of gravity, so that you can better pass the customs. Remember, the magnitude of gravity is directly proportional to the speed and the range of the gravitational body, and we create a unique console operation mode that allows you to control the aircraft more truly. In the game, you can see it at a glance.
We will continue to update the new level, let everyone have a good time, and hope that you can love physics and understand the astrodynamics, and become an excellent scientist.


Windows Mac OS X


操作系统 Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
处理器 Intel Core i3
内存 1024 MB RAM
显卡 Intel HD Graphics 4400
存储空间 512 MB available space


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操作 : 0.0
音效 : 0.0
刺激 : 0.0
情节 : 0.0
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