Children of a Dead Earth

Children of a Dead Earth

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  • 发行日期:23 Sep, 2016
  • 开发商:Q Switched Productions, LLC
  • 发行商:Q Switched Productions, LLC
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The Most Scientifically Accurate Space Warfare Simulator Ever Made.

Children of a Dead Earth is a simulation of true-to-life space warfare. Design your spacecrafts using real world technologies. Traverse the solar system using actual orbit mechanics. Command fleets as the solar system descends into war, and see if you have what it takes to become the victor.

  • REAL SCIENCE, REAL TECHNOLOGY - Every technology, from the Nuclear Thermal Rockets, to the Railguns, to the Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters, was implemented using actual equations from Engineering and Physics textbooks and white papers. Every aspect of these systems, efficiency, size, mass, power usage, heat dissipation, are all derived from valid equations.

  • CAMPAIGN AND SANDBOX MODES - Assume the role of an admiral and fight through a detailed storyline chronicling the descent of the solar system into all out war, spanning every planet in the solar system and everything in between. Or simply play in the sandbox, designing ships and pitting them against other ships.

  • EXTREMELY ACCURATE ORBITAL MECHANICS - With an N-Body Simulator (the kind NASA uses to plot spacecraft trajectories), all orbital phenomenon from hyperbolic orbits, Lagrange points, and orbital perturbation are all correctly simulated. Spacecrafts can stationkeep orbits, or enter into free falling perturbed orbits.

  • 1:1 SCALE - The solar system is modeled completely to scale. The sizes of all planets, moons, and asteroids are accurately enormous, and the distance between them is similarly huge. The extremely high orbital speed of your ships deep in high gravity orbits is correspondingly correct.

  • FREEFORM SHIP DESIGN - Build your spacecrafts out of rockets, propellant tanks, weapons, powerplants, radiators, and crew modules. Wrap it all up with multiple armor layers, and maybe a Whipple Shield to boot. The acceleration, moment of inertia, delta-v, and much more are all correctly calculated for all spacecrafts you design.

  • HIGHLY GRANULAR MODULE DESIGN - Tweak everything from the nozzle length or stoichiometric mixture ratio of your bipropellant rockets to the armature and rail dimensions of your railguns. The results of every change is seen in real time, from the change in your rocket's exhaust velocity, to your railgun's inductance or muzzle velocity.

  • PHYSICALLY ACCURATE MATERIAL PROPERTIES - All materials, chemical reactions, and spectra are physically correct. When your arclamp pumps your solid state laser, the pumping bands need to match up with the actual emission spectra of your excitation gas. When the photon absorption of a material is needed, it is derived from actual refractive index spectra data.

  • IN-ENGINE MOD SUPPORT - The engine supports black box creation of untested or far future technology for modders to work with. All other game data, from levels to material properties, is also accessible to modders.

  • STEAM WORKSHOP SUPPORT - Subscribe to mods on Steam Workshop, and they will automatically load. In-game export tools allow instant uploading of your own designs to Steam Workshop.

All of the above aspects combine to yield a space warfare simulator that is unparalleled in scientific realism. No other game combines the extremely accurate orbital mechanics, 1:1 scale of the solar system, and technology which is implemented 100% by scientific equations. If you ever wanted to know what space warfare would actually be like, this is the game for you.


Windows Mac OS X


操作系统 Windows 7+
处理器 Intel Core i5 @ 1.70 GHz processor
内存 2 GB RAM
显卡 Intel HD Graphics 3000
存储空间 200 MB available space


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Children of a Dead Earth
总时数 3.9 小时
此游戏的爱好者制作的中文MOD非常完善,除了极少量文本打错字之类的小问题。而且很多关键的科学、工程方面的术语也翻译的很准确,应该是个大佬。(不过好像onset phenomenon 翻译不出来,英文维基百科上也没有这个条目,不过查了一下好像是等离子引擎启动时的一种效应。)使用中文MOD的时候好像要调节成小字体风格。优点:作为独立游戏,完成度可以说远超同价位的游戏了。不仅有完整的新手教程、文字百科,战役难度由浅入深,还有情节。仅从战役这部分来看,已经碾压许多只搭建了框架的独立游戏了。至于关卡编辑、模块编辑、mod支持等也是应有尽有。(PS:不一定要完成战役才能解锁功能,请阅读游戏的概念)其次,这个是个超级硬核的游戏,游戏模型涉及真刀真枪的工程计算,可以称得上是模拟游戏了。虽然这个游戏和KSP完全不能等同,但因为KSP名气大,请允许我借KSP来进一步介绍这个游戏。这个游戏的轨道机动部分不像KSP,它没有任何操作难度。游戏难度主要在于规划轨道。因此,玩过KSP的玩家可以更容易上手。而战斗方面,虽然画质不是十分炫酷,但细节其实也不少。战斗场景是可暂停的即时战斗,玩家可以实时观看被炮弹打出坑洞的船体。这个战损效果应该不是简单的贴图,毕竟作者自己都说了,游戏用有限元的方法求解受损船体的散热。至于缺点嘛,引用作者自己的话来说,就是模拟体系还有缺陷:比如很多材料的性能数据查不到,所以游戏里用近似的材料代替;而那些查得到的性能数据,也多是常温下的数据,材料性能随温度变化的数据也没考虑,只能认为材料的性能不随温度变化 显然这非常不科学。没有设定大气阻力,因此没法大气刹车 问题不大因为游戏基本不涉及降落带大气层的行星。用均质核反应堆方程来计算,而不是更准确的异质反应堆。你看,作者这么谦虚,就知道这个游戏多硬核了。搞不好有人因为制作这款游戏而导致硕士/博士延期毕业呢!
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Children of a Dead Earth
总时数 6.4 小时
浩瀚宇宙,无垠太空。运筹帷幄,深谋远虑。千里迢迢,万里奔赴。狭路相逢,剑拔弩张。金鼓连天,雷霆万钧。电光石火,灰飞烟灭。十年一剑,高下立见。 我要给作者跪了啊啊啊啊啊
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Children of a Dead Earth
总时数 6.3 小时
发布于: 3月3日
Children of a Dead Earth
总时数 23.4 小时
发布于: 2017年12月8日




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