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  • 发行日期:20 Oct, 2017
  • 开发商:Slikey Games
  • 发行商:Slikey Games
  • 官方网站:


ClickRaid is an Incremental Game with multiplayer and competitive aspects, inspired by Clicker Heroes and Tap Titans.

Incremental Games consists of a gameplay in which the player does simple actions such as “clicking” or upgrading ingame systems to get more of a currency, in which the goal is to get bigger and bigger numbers. The gameplay also has aspects that are idle, which means most Incremental games aren’t ones that usually require full attention.

ClickRaid features a very important multiplayer aspect: Classes. Those are chosen by the player, and have unique effects on the other members of the party you’re in. The game isn’t meant for solo play!

You will be greeted into choosing your ingame name, then into the Lobby selection menu! Just pick one that has more than 1 person in and read the Tutorial. The game might look very overwhelming at first and even more if you’re not used to Incremental aspects, but don’t worry! The community can always lend you a helping hand with any questions you might have.

There is “reset everything but get bonuses”, which is called Ascending (often known as “Prestige” in other games).

The Prestige in game is a mean to progress ingame, and only resets your Stage count.

There are 5 different currencies ingame:
XP, BossSouls, RaidSouls, Tokens and Gems

XP is obtained from killing any kind of enemy.
BossSouls are obtained from defeating Bosses, while RaidSouls are for their Raid variant.
Tokens are flying discs that often appear on your screen. Mouse over to collect!
Gems are obtained from defeating WallBosses, which are stronger Bosses that determine how far you can progress.

There are other systems ingame too that Affect progress, they all work differently:

Heroes (damage to progress, upgraded with bonuses for heroes and XP)
Artifacts (varying bonuses only upgradeable with BossSouls)
RaidSouls (bonuses only upgradeable with RaidSouls)
Charm (bonuses upgradeable with Gems, with the help of Tokens)
Inventory (items with bonuses based on your stage progression!)

and a few more!


Windows SteamOS+Linux


操作系统 Windows 7
处理器 2 Ghz or better Processor
内存 2 GB RAM
显卡 Any DX11 Compatible Cards
direct_x Version 11
存储空间 40 MB available space


操作系统 Windows 10
处理器 2 Ghz or better Processor
内存 4 GB RAM
显卡 Any DX11 Compatible Cards
direct_x Version 11
存储空间 50 MB available space
网络 Broadband Internet connection


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操作 : 0.0
音效 : 0.0
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